3AI Mentorus - Students

Industry's largest structured, 1:1 mentorship program with top AI & Analytics Thought Leaders and Experts

3AI Mentorus reflects 3AI’s commitment to the professional development of its members in the AI and Analytics arena. This is the first of its kind of mentorship program in India. The key mentorship objectives include

  • AI & Analytics Career Guidance
  • Contextualized Knowledge and Skills Build Up
  • Roles and Expectations in AI & Analytics
  • Application AI & Analytics Skills
  • Networking & Relationship Building
  • Personalized Career Roadmap

The purpose of this 3AI Mentorus is to assist mentees in improving professional skills over time with an end goal of advancing their careers. It is not a consulting program or solely a networking tool. This unique career development resource will help you find others with relevant needs, share your expertise, and connect on a deeper level.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a mutually rewarding relationship in which one individual (Mentor) offers support, knowledge, insight, guidance, and perspective in response to the developmental needs and opportunities of another individual or group (Mentees). Mentoring is a vital method of developing talent. It requires mutual trust and enthusiasm for learning and growth.

What is structured mentoring?

  • This is a mentoring model that has session topics.
  • Admins create session titles includes forms.
  • Users need to schedule their meetings based on program sessions (topics) .

Whats is 3AI Mentorus Process?


  • Mentors facilitate and launch kick-off.
  • Mentees discuss and finalize Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Build & Establish:

  • Build trust and clarify program goals
  • Mentees identify topics for development


  • Monthly development workshops led by mentees.
  • Mentors meet with assigned mentees to offer 1:1 coaching. (Introduction session + 4 sessions with each mentee for 60 - 75 mins)
  • Leverage close-out PPT for final program presentation


  • Offer input and suggestions
  • Pay it forward, leave your legacy

What are the benefits of 3AI Mentorus?

Benefits to Mentees:

  • Accelerates development
  • Enhances self-esteem and confidence when interacting with senior leaders
  • Expands its network
  • Increases perspective and knowledge of different functions
  • Increases skill development and effectiveness

Benefits to Mentors:

  • Drives self-awareness
  • Increases awareness of AI & Analytics
  • Expands the mentor’s professional network *Improves leadership skills
  • Increases visibility throughout industry

3AI - India's Largest Platform for AI & Analytics Aspirants and Professionals

Who We Are

3AI is a confluence of leading and marquee AI & Analytics thought leaders, experts, influencers, and practitioners on one platform.

3AI platform enables the leaders to engage with students and working professionals for competency augmentation and career enhancement opportunities through guided learning, focused knowledge sessions, 1:1 mentorship, internship & placement assistance in AI & Analytics sphere.

3AI works closely with several academic institutions, enterprises, learning academies, training outfits, startups, industry consortia, government bodies to facilitate the growth of the AI & Analytics industry and provide a comprehensive suite of engaging, learn & scale engagements, and interventions to our members.

What We Do

  • Associate: Associate and create a community of AI and analytics aspirants, professionals, and thought leaders in India
  • Advance: Advance and develop an ecosystem of continuous learning and deep skilling in the AI and Analytics arena
  • Advocate: Advocate and drive policymaking for AI and Analytics with policymakers and influencers
  • Institutionalize: Institutionalize and share the collective learning and experience on AI applications and adoption

Know more about us on www.3ai.in

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